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X series by ProfilDoors has a wide range of the frame doors. The main advantages of the doors include high reliability and prefabricated construction. Frame door consists of several components: the frame itself which consists of upper and lower frames, pillars and panel. Decorated panels and glass are used as the panel or fi ller. Apart from reliability and long-lasting running abilities X series doors have easily replaced components. Any detail or glass, if damaged, can be replaced.

One of the main features of Profi lDoors interior doors determining the service performance and visual aesthetics is Polypropylene (Germany) exterior covering. This is PP fi lm which simulates diff erent wooden textures and is ecologically safe what allows installing doors in kindergartens, hospitals and other public places. Besides, the covering doesn’t fade in the sunlight. Stable towards chemical exposure, doesn’t crack and exfoliates because of temperature fl uctuations and mechanical impacts.

Main characteristics of the frame doors of X series
• Prefabricated construction (except positions 8x – 11x)
• Telescopic molding that allows nail-free platband fastening
• The series doesn’t have the factory cutting and furniture
• Ecologically safe materials

Sliding door wardrobe
For the doors of X series you can order the sliding door wardrobe of the same design and color scheme.

7X Interior doors 7X Interior doors
1-3 weeks
18X Interior doors 18X Interior doors
6-8 weeks
Model: 18X
Cena norādīta: Vērtne 600/700/800 / * 2000 mm..
Ex Tax:117.36€
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