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Products of Z series presented by PrоfilDооrs Company includes a wide range of framed interior doors. The structure of doors of Z series is based on the frame made of MDF and solid pine wood, which provides overall strength of the door leaf. A feature of Z series is aluminum edge plate with exclusive treatment (product of Germany), which frames the door’s perimeter for an additional protection from mechanical damage and provides the fi nished design solution to the door leaf. Thanks to that combination of basic elements, the frame doors are quite strong and lightweight what makes them easier to use. Depending on preferences from style point of view, doors of Z series can be produced with various kinds of glazing and coverings.

Z – turn-key options from PrоfilDооrs. All doors of Z series are supplied with a complete set of equipment. Doors are supplied with factoryinstalled hardware and are equipped with Italy made hardware – DND Martinelli door handles (Italy), AGB hidden hinges and locks (Italy). Cylinder and clamp type locks can be used. A door can be adjusted along three coordinates through regulation of hinges.

Sliding door wardrobe
For the doors of Z series you can order the sliding door wardrobe of the same design and color scheme.

Main characteristics of the frame interior doors of Z series:
• Turn-key set;
• Telescopic exterior elements that allow to attach case without nails;
• Various options for installation and type of a door;
• Environmental safety of used materials;
• Aluminum edge plate with an exclusive treatment.

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